Cemetery Costs
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2022 Cemetery Charges

Resident under 10
£ 30
Resident Over 10
£ 300
Non Resident Under 10
£ 70
Non Resident Over 10
£ 450
Ashes buried
£ 100
Non Resident
£ 150
Purchase of grave
Grave Plot
£ 300
To be no higher than 4ft (122cms)
£ 200
Installation of Kerbs
To protrude no more than 4ins (102mm)
£ 200
Movable Vases
£ 30
To enclose more than one grave
£30.00 per metre pro-rata

A burial does not confer any right to erect a headstone or other type of memorial. Permission must be sought from the Parish Council and six months must elapse from the date of death of a person to be commemorated and the granting of approval of a memorial

There is no charge for an additional inscription.
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