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This website exists to provide useful and topical information relating to the village of Newton Toney in Wiltshire- also sometimes called Newton Tony - which is one of the last working rural communities in England, and one of the oldest.

Through its pages, the site provides information about the village and its institutions and groups. It also gives up-to-date facts and background about the Parish Council, the Memorial Hall Committee and various other village bodies and their respective members.

The site also provides a wide range of information about village events, and about group activities and meetings, including those held in connection with the Newton Toney Memorial Hall, the Horticultural Society, the Friends Of Newton Toney School (FONTS)and the Saint Andrew's Church Committee.
Latest Headlines and Events

Annual Parish Meeting of Newton Toney Parish Council.
Full details here.

Important information on the Newton Toney Resilience Group (NTRG)

The latest Ground Water report is here.
Our Location

Newton Toney is nestled in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, close to the Hampshire border. This Google map can be expanded to a much larger image by clicking on 'View Larger Map'.
The parish has many beautiful walks. Here is a map showing the Rights of Way.

If you would like more information about Newton Toney, these websites present a fascinating profile of the village, its history and its place in the world!


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